Why You Should Be Using Biodegradable Cups For Your Coffee Shop

Biodegradable cups for your coffee shop

Most coffee shops provide takeaway options around the globe. However, previously Styrofoam cups were used, which presented health and environmental hazards, impacting negatively on the brand.

Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Biodegradable Products Limit Waste Accumulation

  • Since Styrofoam cups don’t break down easily and can harm the environment, using biodegradable to-go cups will reduce the carbon footprint of your brand and the of your customers.
  • Safe to use, not only will biodegradable packaging protect the environment, but it will also be a safe option for you, as it tends to be completely chemical-free and has a plant-based coating.
  • Affordable for businesses, in the past the brands had been hesitant in accepting these biodegradable packaging solutions in fear of them being costly. However, today these cups are created by-products that are abundantly available, including corn-starch, some sugars, and paper, making them more affordable than traditional plastic or Styrofoam options.

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