Why Vegware??

My absolute favorite answer to ANYONE who asks me WHY I have decided on something:


But when it comes to Vegware, there are MANY reasons why we fell in love with this brand.  Allow me to take you through some of the highlights of why we are obsessed with this UK based brand.

  • They have over 400 products and continue to innovate and release new products.

Their most recent drop was a hot PAPER lid, which allows our creative geniuses and gurus a branding spot like no other.  Think of all the fun messages that lid can hold!  On the environmental aspect of things, it is much easier to compost a paper lid – you can do it at home!  With such a diversity of products, we don’t have to break our heads every time we want to source an item.  It’s a one stop shop!

  • The ingredients they use!

Fallen pressed Areca leafs, reclaimed sugarcane, vegetable inks, wood pulp, sustainably sourced recycled paper, PLA & CPLA.  EVERYTHING they use is plant based!  And because they have factories all over the world, they produce items in the country known to have access to that commodity!  The palm leaf tableware, for instance, is produced in Kerala, Sri Lanka.  How exotic!

  • EVERY item they carry is certified compostable and legit.

No green washing here! We once asked them to create a PLA bottle for us.  They did, but halted the product release because the bottle neck would be too thick to compost.  In our world and theirs, conviction comes first!  Which reminds us, beware of packaging products claiming to be eco-friendly – read your labels!

  • They help close the loop where they can!

They have a full time dedicated environmental team with great knowledge and relationships in the waste sector, and work relentlessly on assisting businesses in finding sustainable solutions!  This is very much aligned with our values at TP Green, as one of the first things we did was align with the providers of composting machines in the region, both commercial and industrial.  You can get yours here!

  • They offer sustainable support at the grassroots level.

In 2009 they started the Vegware Community Fund to support sustainability efforts, by offering grants or product donations for natural environment and community projects – extending from America to Yorkshire. Hippies and tree huggers, we are, at heart!

More than anything, we love and align with their values of integrity, transparency and innovation; their vision of changing the status quo when it comes to culinary disposables.  And ultimately, their genuine belief, that empowering the right thought leaders, will enable them to become the game shifters of tomorrow!

Your fellow human and Vegware groupie,


Learn about the Vegware process here.

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