Why is Plastic Detrimental to The Environment and What Can You Do About It?

Plastic waste ready for disposal

Plastic bags were used as a pain-free and simple solution to carrying groceries from the supermarket, taking stuff from one place to another, and other purposes too. However, recently people have started to ponder over the side-effects of using plastic.

Many people have switched from plastic bags to reusable bags to reduce their plastic footprint. But it’s just a start – there are a lot of things that a person needs to do to save the environment from plastic.

If you’re wondering why plastic is harmful to the environment, then this post is for you. Keep reading to find out tips to reduce plastic usage as well.

Plastic Kills Land Animals

Plastic pollution is the enemy of land animals. They get choked or tangled in plastic waste, which eventually causes death among animals. As plastic waste increases globally, it continues to put pressure on the entire ecosystem.

Plastic waste is also detrimental to plants’ growth. Plants are crucial to controlling climate and absorbing greenhouse gases. By using plastic, the entire ecosystem can become weak with time.

Plastic Affects the Ocean Life


Plastic pollution on a beach shore


Plastic pollutes the ocean that affects all kinds of marine animals. The plastic waste makes its way into the ocean through rivers, boats, and shorelines. Ocean animals get choked, stuck, or tangled in plastic waste. The waste can also accumulate in their stomach, leading to their deaths.

Besides marine life, plastic pollution affects the habitats as well. Plastic and other waste cover a lot of the ocean now, making it difficult for marine life to move along the ocean. It gradually kills the ecosystem and creates issues for humanity in terms of land erosion, overheating, starving, and more.

Plastic Produces Chemical Pollution

As if noise pollution and air pollution were not enough, now chemical pollution caused by plastic waste is another dilemma faced by the world. Plastics are made up of gas and oil that are non-renewable energy sources. They contain harmful substances, including carbon monoxide, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and more.

Most of the plastic is recycled by burning it, which releases this toxic chemicals into the air causing harm to both humans and the environment.

Ways to Reduce the Plastic Usage


Eco-friendly water bottles to reduce plastic pollution



To make the world plastic-free, everyone needs to play their part in the process. Here are some ways through which you can reduce your plastic usage.

  • Use recyclable shopping bags: When do you need a plastic bag the most? During grocery shopping, of course. You can make a small investment into thin and ripped bags that you can take with you for grocery shopping. It’s great environmental advice that anyone can follow. When you visit the store, make sure to carry your own grocery bag with you.
  • Stop buying bottled water: One of the best ways to reduce plastic waste is to stop purchasing bottled water. If you need water in the gym, invest in a glass bottle once and always carry it. For a house, you can purchase a water dispenser to reduce the need for purchasing bottled water all the time.
  • Stop using plastic cups for coffee/tea: Disposable coffee cups are made of polyethylene, a plastic resin. It’s not easily recycled without polluting the environment first. If you feel the need to have your coffee all the time, you can carry a thermos. It can serve your need to drink coffee multiple times without increasing your plastic footprint.
  • Use cardboard instead of plastic bags: Do you save your stuff in plastic bags? If yes, then it’s time to bring the cardboard to work. You can find cardboard boxes in different shapes and sizes to store different kinds of items. Instead of saving pasta in a plastic bag, save it in a box. Instead of putting your old clothes in a plastic bag, store them all in a big cardboard box.
  • Don’t use straws: At home or outside, avoid straws at all costs. Not only that, but also avoid using plastic spoons, knives, forks, and other items. Plastic is harmful to your health, so try limiting your usage or completely stop it.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Recycled Products to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Opting for eco-friendly items is highly important to become a responsible citizen. Plastic can cause irreversible damage to the world. It’s harmful to all humans and animals, which is why everyone needs to reduce their plastic footprint.

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You can also order bamboo cutlery or shop porcelain tableware from their shop and make a wise decisions to reduce your plastic footprint.

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