Why Green Living Will Save the Planet

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About 77 percent of the people globally wish to learn how to live a sustainable life. This massive shift towards healthy living is triggered by unprecedented climate change and the prevalence of harmful diseases worldwide. People are now readily adopting eco friendly recycled products into their daily life routine to benefit their lifestyle and the earth’s sustainability.

Green Living—What Does It Mean?

Living a green lifestyle is a way of life. Choosing to preserve and protect the earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity is what it simply comes down to. Those options may not even be fashionable among your friends, but they are ecologically ethical and environmentally beneficial.

Green living encourages humans to lead in a much more ecologically responsible manner. “Going Green” can be achieved in various ways, and almost all of them require some sacrifice.

Many people globally have now become aware that becoming green is beneficial to the environment, but they may not realize the full depth of the influence.

Going green provides various environmental benefits, including cleaner air and water, ecological sustainability, reduced carbon footprint, and decreased overall global warming impact.

How to Live Green?

Living green involves adapting to a certain life routine while avoiding consuming harmful things for the environment and your health. Typically, living green can be broken down into the following factors:

  • Start recycling. Recycling helps preserve the earth’s natural resources, saves energy, and reduces pollution.
  • Limit the use of natural resources such as fossil fuels, non-renewable energy, and several other resources that may be rapidly depleting from the earth’s surface.
  • Waste less in terms of energy and food. The food waste gets dumped in landfills which causes poisonous methane gas to develop and disrupt the tranquility in the ecosystem. The more energy we use, the more production need there will be—which will use more essential resources.
  • Avoid using deterrent agents and painting materials that use an excess of toxic elements. These elements are not just bad for the environment but also for people’s health.
  • Start making better and healthier food choices.


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How Does Green Living Save the Planet

Following are some of the ways that green living helps in saving the planet for a long, healthy, and sustainable future:

Reduces Pollution

According to the World Health Organization, 99 percent of the people in the world breathe air that is below acceptable health standards. Going green benefits the ecosystem by lowering pollution levels in the air, land, and water.  Fewer air contaminants are emitted into the atmosphere by using alternative energy, eliminating coal burning, and decreasing waste by putting it to good use.

Reduces Poisonous Gas Emissions

Did you know that vehicles on the highways release 1.7 billion tons of poisonous greenhouse gases, contributing about 14 percent to polluting the environment?

You may help reduce pollution and the effects of global warming by minimizing your travel time, taking walks for short distance purposes, using a bike, maintaining your car, or driving an eco-friendly green automobile.

Conservation of Energy

The combustion of fossil fuels, including coal, oil, and other natural gases, produces the most power. When burned, these fuels discharge carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and their finite supply renders them unsustainable. The use of solar and wind power and recycling for energy production can help save natural resources and minimize poisonous emissions.

Less Waste

To decrease waste, individuals are encouraged to limit their usage, recycle as much as possible, and reuse products. Reducing waste benefits the environment by reducing the quantity of garbage dumped in landfills, where it biodegrades and emits carbon dioxide, contributing to the poisonous gas effect.

Using a home food composting machine, you can dispose of the non-consumable food in the place where it’s beneficial—that is below the ground for increasing the quality of the soil. Disposable dine-in tableware, bamboo cutlery, and eco-friendly shopping bags for food are viable options for adapting to green living.


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Switch to Living Green

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