What Are Essential Zero Waste Kitchen Items?

reusable dinnerware

The kitchen is one of the most important places to start your journey toward a zero-waste lifestyle. That’s because our kitchens are full of plastic material, from bags, wraps, and containers to cutlery, bottles, and appliances. Most of us only need to open our top drawers to see the massive amount of single-use, disposable plastic items. Unfortunately, plastic has become a staple in our kitchen.

But did you know that plastic doesn’t decompose? Plastics are petroleum-based products that are degradable but not biodegradable. So, they break down into microplastics and contaminate the environment around us.

You can create massive change by going plastic-free in the kitchen. Read this article if you’re ready to start your journey toward a zero waste lifestyle.

Compost Machine

Did you know that the food waste you throw out plays a role in global warming? You might think food is biodegradable and that it will biodegrade when it ends up in a landfill. Sadly, that’s not the truth.

When your biodegradable materials end up in landfills, they become contaminated with toxic chemicals. These chemicals hinder the biodegradation process.

Moreover, they get buried under trash where they can’t break down. That’s because they create an oxygen-free environment. Biodegradable materials need oxygen, bacteria, and the right amount of light to degrade into simpler, non-toxic compounds.

People actually throw out food scraps the most when it comes to kitchen waste. So, your apple cores and fruit peels don’t get biodegraded. Instead, they degrade without oxygen and release methane gas. Moreover, methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


porcelain tableware


You can easily start responsible waste management by buying a composting machine and tossing your food waste in it. Composting is also a biodegradation process, but it leaves behind an organic material called humus that provides important nutrients for the soil and plants. So, you can actually be reducing methane gas emissions!

Reusable Storage Containers

Storing your food tight can extend its life. Mason jars are a popular product when it comes to sustainable kitchen practices. They’re functional, portable, and you can use them for many things. Jars are great for storing food in bulk, and you can even pour your smoothies in them. Moreover, they also help you cut down on food waste by letting you see how much food you have.

Make sure to avoid containers made from plastic. Instead, look for containers made from glass, metal, or silicone.

Reusable Tableware

When it comes to tableware, you have both compostable and reusable options. If you prefer sustainable reusable options, then try porcelain and bamboo tableware.

Porcelain is made from a collection of materials that are manufactured into plates and cups. Most people remember porcelain as expensive heirloom ceramics. But it’s worth a lot more than its price tag. Porcelain is not just sustainable; it keeps your food fresher longer and it’s hard to break. It’s a lot more durable than plastic coating over an iron oxide base. Moreover, it’s extremely beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.


white porcelain teapot


Bamboo tableware is also a popular alternative adopted by many restaurants. Bamboo tableware is totally eco-friendly and no harmful chemicals are used to manufacture bamboo tableware. It’s better than using paper and you can reuse it many times after gently washing it.

Silicone Food Covers

Plastic wraps and aluminum foil are responsible for thousands of pounds of daily waste production. That’s why single-use food covers are one of the leading offenders in our landfills. You might think it’s hard to replace plastic wraps, but that’s not the case! Silicone food covers are some of the very few eco-friendly replacement options.

They’re reusable and manufactured from silicone that is BPA, BPS, and PVC-free. It is similar to rubber in its properties and is also durable. Silicone covers are extremely flexible and practical to use, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So, if your cover is smaller in size, it can stretch out to cover bigger bowls and pots.

And if you think it’s expensive, then that’s not the case either! Think about it, your roll of foil or wraps lasts you a month at most! Meanwhile, silicone covers can last you years! The long-term cost is actually better here!

That’s not all! Silicone food covers are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


biodegradable bamboo cutlery


It’s about time you make a switch to a zero-waste lifestyle with these products. You can change your kitchen for the better with TP Green’s innovative and sustainable reusable items.

They have premium quality eco-conscious products, like their dine-in tableware, eco-friendly packaging, and kitchen prep items to help reduce your carbon footprint.

You can order bamboo cutlery, sustainable porcelain dinnerware, silicone food covers, and a home food composting machine from their website today.

Get in touch with TP Green to find out more.

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