Top Biodegradable Utensils for Eco-Friendly Events

The food industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate. However, with greater food options, we have to deal with the associated pollution. Plastic utensils are a major culprit; they don’t decompose, and are usually non-recyclable.


biodegradable wooden utensils


But the good news is that we now have plenty of sustainable alternatives that can help us minimize the environmental threat. In this post, we’ll explore the top biodegradable utensils you can use to make your events eco-friendly.

Wooden biodegradable cutlery and utensils

One of the most popular alternatives to plastic utensils is their wooden counterparts. Wooden utensils are biodegradable and are often compostable, depending on their type. They’re made from renewable sources without using toxic chemicals and dyes.

Since wooden utensils are completely natural, they’re easier to break down without releasing harmful gases. Compared to plastic utensils, which can take up to a thousand years to decompose, wood can easily decompose within a few months. In addition to this, wooden plates and cutlery are sturdier and more durable than plastic.

Palm leaf utensils

Palm leaf dinnerware has become very popular recently. Its minimalist aesthetic designs and natural colors have drawn much attraction in the past few years.

Palm leaf plates are often produced through fallen leaves. Not only does this make them a great compostable and biodegradable option, but producing them also minimizes waste. It doesn’t lead to deforestation or timbering.


plant-based biodegradable utensils


If you’re hosting an eco-friendly event soon, consider investing in bamboo dinnerware. It’ll add a modern and attractive touch to your event that’ll inspire your guests to consider switching to plant-based dinnerware.

Paper plates and utensils

If you think paper utensils are not exactly eco-friendly, you’re not entirely wrong. Since paper utensils require deforestation, it’s not an ideal option. However, compared to other options like Styrofoam and plastic, paper plates are still much better for the environment.

The paper-based utensils are biodegradable and usually compostable. If you’re hosting an event but cannot invest in plant-based dinnerware, consider buying paper utensils to avoid plastic waste.

If you’re passionate about keeping the planet healthy and green, invest in biodegradable products. Your choices can make a great impact. TP Green is an online store that sells a wide range of reusable, eco-friendly products, including bamboo trays, plant-based food packaging, silicone food containers, porcelain dinnerware, and much more.


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