Bags & Labels

Choose from windowed, paper or clear options. 100% plant based and compostable.

Sugarcane Gourmet

Eco spill-proof solution for hot or cold food to go.  Variety of lids, shapes & sizes.

Kraft Boxes

Versatile kraft board cartons with a compostable grease-resistant lining.

Hot Cups & Extras

Sustainably-sourced board, lined with plant-based PLA,  with your choice of lids.

Hot & Cold Containers

The world’s first compostable container, for hot or cold use, with your choice of lids.

Cold Cups & Straws

Clear cups made from plants for cold consumables. Select from our array of different lids.

Clear Deli Containers

Eco-friendly strong and light plant-based clear deli containers in a range of sizes.

Hero packaging

HEROPACKS are made from home-compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT.