The Reality of the Climate Change Situation

Due to harmful practices, temperatures over the world are constantly rising. As a result, wildlife and humans are suffering. If it’s not dealt with in due time, nature and humans will go through catastrophic global warming with severe droughts, rising sea levels, and mass extinction of some species.


We surely face a great challenge ahead of us, but we might have some solutions to the grave problem. Here’s all you need to know about the reality of climate change:


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What Do We Mean By Climate Change?

Climate refers to the average weather conditions of a certain place over the years, and climate change refers to a shift in the average weather conditions of a place.


The drastic climate change that we’re witnessing today is caused by humans consuming large quantities of coal, gas, and oil for their homes, transport, and factories.


When we burn these fossil fuels, they release several greenhouse gases, including CO2. The greenhouse gases then trap the heat from the sun and lead to a rise in Earth’s temperature.

The Earth is Getting Hotter

The mean ocean and land temperatures have constantly been rising for the last few decades. The average rise in the temperatures must be controlled to avoid severe climatic consequences for humans and wildlife. According to scientists, we need to keep the average temperature rise to



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However, unless we take further action, the Earth can still warm up by way more than 2°C till the beginning of the next century. If we do nothing, global warming could exceed 4°C, resulting in deadly heatwaves, animal and plant life loss, and huge floods due to rising sea levels.

What Can We Do To Reverse Climate Change?

Major changes and steps need to be taken by businesses and governments, but according to scientists, some minor lifestyle changes can have a great positive impact on the Earth’s climate. Here’s what we can do on an individual level:

  • Reduce the number of flights we take each year
  • Try to reduce using personal modes of transportation and move to electric vehicles
  • Invest in and buy environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products, like LED lights and solar energy
  • Start electric heat pumps instead of gas heating systems to heat our homes
  • Insulate our homes better to reduce the energy costs for heating and cooling.

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