The most elegant disposable tableware you have ever seen!

When we think tableware disposables, we think generic and basic shapes. We cringe at the idea of using them and hate that they might cheapen the glory of our meticulously planned hosting initiatives. They are boring and flimsy, underwhelming in character, sturdiness and design, but a necessity given the nature of some events, whether they be outdoor gatherings, BBQs or sea escapades. The idea of using plastic is bothersome especially for hot menu offerings (and all the toxicity levels), and paper crafted plates just won’t carry the weight without being warped!

Better solutions have popped up, like the palm leaf tableware – but still, they are quite restrictive to a rustic feel. While such options are perfectly acceptable for casual picnic themed events, some occasions need a more elegant and elevated feel.

Enter Ana Roquero with her brilliance, her modern and minimal industrial approach, and her earth conscious resolution for the world of tableware disposables: Chikio by Cookplay. The Chikio line is composed of six products, ranging from miniature, medium to large bowls/plates, all made from sugarcane pulp, and are certified compostable and biodegradable.

The designs are artisanal, elegant and chic, integrating seamless curves mimicking her porcelain creations. That is the interesting catch: no other disposable line was ever given this much creative thought, or devised but an actual designer! Cookplay, in essence, is a kitchenware brand catering to the needs of culinary world geniuses – the likes of Martin Berasategui, Gordon Ramsey, Juan Mari Azrak, Jordi Roca, to name a few – all who have integrated the porcelain creations into their Michelin star restaurants.

So imagine that same creative process applied to tableware disposables. Without physically touching the products, you can hardly identify that they are made out of sugarcane!

In order to be all inclusive in her offering, Roquero integrated what we think is the funkiest, most playful disposable cutlery options. She offers her forks, knives and spoons in black and white, and aligned with her earth conscious values, are biodegradable and compostable, made from CPLA (aka heat resistant corn starch).

Tacky disposable tableware no longer has to be an issue at any of your events. Embarrassing and easily breakable toxic-plastic utensils are a thing of the past! No, your guests do not have to struggle while cutting into that grilled steak! With solutions such as the Chikio line and Cookplay’s disposable cutlery, you can still have a refined and lush modern appeal whilst avoiding the complications and restrictions of heavy tableware. Effortless, sustainable and chic – you no longer have to sacrifice ease for stylish settings!

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