Sustainable Chefs that are Changing the World

Food waste is one of the major concerns for the environment today. From using non-biodegradable utensils to throwing out tons of food waste every day, we’re overburdening the landfills and contributing to ever-rising temperatures around the globe.


a chef plating the food


Fortunately, many restaurants and chefs are now adopting and advocating sustainable practices. Let’s look at the following sustainable chefs who are leaving a positive legacy for future generations!

Massimo Bottura

Bottura is a chef and an Italian restauranteur at Osteria Francescana. The restaurant topped the list of the top 50 restaurants around the world. With a three-Michelin star, this restaurant is located in Italy.


Massimo Bottura is known for his masterful craft of creating one-of-a-kind dishes. However, what’s noticeable is that he’s not only passionate about food; the environmentalist also employs sustainable practices to reduce the food waste at the restaurant.


a chef decorating the plates


He transformed an old theater into a Refettorio, located in the suburbs of Milan, that now serves as a soup kitchen. The kitchen turns the excess food into free meals for the working class, homeless, and refugees.


He’s also the founder of the non-profit organization, Food for Soul, which aims to minimize food waste in the industry.

Dan Barber

Barber belongs to the West Village in Manhattan. He’s the chef at Blue Hill, located in the non-profit education center and farm at Stone Barns. Also famously known as a food philosopher, he’s a thinker and engages in important food waste discussions and creates ingenious recipes. As his restaurant is located on a farm, he’s particularly concerned about the food source and the processes involved in treating the food items.


Barber is a huge proponent of environmental responsibility and advocates for relevant agricultural policies. He has also published his book called The Third Plate, which talks about ethical eating and agricultural practices.


He aims to push America toward a sustainable food industry.

Melissa Kelly

Melissa is the proprietor and Executive Chef at Primo, based in Maine, US. For the last ten years, she and her partner had grown their farm on the restaurant’s 4 and a half acre land that’s now used as the primary source of Primo’s food.


By growing her own food, she has complete control over the ethical agricultural practices that keep the ingredients fresh and the environment clean. The farm also allows the restaurant food waste to compost naturally!


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