Subtle Ways to Urge Your Friends to Live Sustainably

We know how difficult it can be to urge our close ones to adopt a green lifestyle. Even the people with the best intentions can lose track and give in to the convenience of buying and consuming goods that are harmful to the environment.

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However, with little thought and care, you can try to engage your friends and family in a meaningful way that’ll help them make better choices every day. Here are some ways you can help them change their lifestyle.

Volunteer With Them

Whether it’s cleaning up a park, picking up trash on the beach, or planting trees, opportunities to volunteer provide an excellent way for you to share your passions and values with your friends and loved ones. People are more likely to adopt sustainable habits if they’re aware of the impact that these actions have on their life.


Volunteering together is also the perfect opportunity to spend time together! Let them know how it makes you feel – give a glimpse into your passion for the environment. It’s always a great conversation starter and can be a wonderful way to motivate your friends to adopt more eco-friendly practices.


Ask them to Swap or Donate Their Clothes

Swapping and donating clothes is a great way to save the old clothes from going into the landfill. You can take a trip with your friend to a donation center and declutter your wardrobe. Not only will it help you recycle more, but you’ll also get rid of all the unwanted items.


In addition, if your friend wants a jacket or shoes that don’t fit your anymore, you can just swap with them. This will encourage them to use more and more pre-loved goods.


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Buy Them Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Get them involved in your green lifestyle with a gift. Not only does this show how much you care about their health and happiness, but it can also get them thinking about how their decisions impact the world around them.


The perfect gift for your friend might be non-plastic alternatives such as durable, non-plastic, water tumbler, or reusable bags. You can also gift them a home food composting machine; this will help them engage in a meaningful activity while they recycle food waste.


If you’re looking for environmentally friendly products either for yourself or for a loved one, TP Green has got you covered. We offer a wide range of non-plastic reusable products, including reusable bags, home food composting machines, non-plastic food packaging, and much more.


Contact us today to learn more about our green products and help save the planet!


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