Silicone lids

Food Lids

Silicone based food lids, that keeps your food fresh, and preserves their nutrition.

Good Riddance, Saran! Hello, Silicone!

What lasts longer than saran wraps? Silicone food lids! What holds better against heat and cold? Silicone food lids! What’s kinder on the oceans? Why, silicone food lids, of course! Short of world hunger, it seems as if silicone is the solution to all our problems, and we’re here for it.

No more do you have to wrap your storage containers and bowls with cling film only for them to cling to some poor sea creature down under. With our round silicone food lids and rectangle silicone food lids set, you can:

* Cover storage containers
* Store them in the freezer
* Reheat the contents
* Repeat!