Perfection, inspired by imperfection.  Mix and match according to your preference.

The Tablet

Ana Roquero’s personal homage to Steve Jobs; inspired by a landscape of dunes.

Shell Line

Exquisitely designed to accommodate the most essential dishes from the finest cuisines.


Beauty & functionality, with a variety of different colors.  For casual and rustic meals.


Award winning Jomon collection, inspired by sea shells and designed by Ana Roquero.


Creative and playful, this collection suggests alternative realities and dream universes.

Fly Coffee

Cookplay’s airy & light porcelain vessels that express beauty and design innovation.


Trays & Bases

Eco-friendly bamboo trays and bases, to be used with the Cookplay collection or separately.

A One-Stop Shop for Eco-friendly Reusable Everything

At present, consumerism is the leading cause of climate change. The more we buy, the more it all ends up in landfills and oceans, and the more our planet suffers. Avoiding the problem isn’t making it go away; it’s making things worse.
As far as we know, Earth is the only habitable place in the universe, and consumerism is making it increasingly inhabitable for all living things. And so, we’ve decided to do counter the threat through eco-friendly grocery bags and bamboo, silicone, and porcelain tableware.
Come join us in this response by selecting from a wide range of eco-friendly reusable items, including food lids, grocery bags, cutlery, and crockery.
Be sustainable. Shop eco-friendly.