TP Green is passionate about promoting ethical practices and a sustainable lifestyle. We take immense pleasure in offering eco-friendly products produced ethically with 100% natural materials.


We strive toward creating a community that shares the responsibility of inhabiting the Earth. With our new and innovative products, we offer our customers an opportunity to replace their household products with reusable, eco-friendly alternatives that not only add value to their lives but also help them minimize their waste and carbon footprint.

Our Reusable Products

We offer a wide range of durable, reusable products that last for years. Our top-quality reusable products look fresh for years, so you don’t need to replace them often. Our reusable product line includes:

  • Porcelain dinnerware
  • Bamboo utensils
  • Reusable bags
  • Silicone food lids
  • Cutlery sets
  • Placemats

Porcelain Dinnerware

Our porcelain dinnerware is produced ethically from natural materials and does not poison your food or the environment. Unlike other types of dinnerware, the process of making porcelain dinnerware doesn’t involve bleaching, dying, or any other sort of chemical process.


Our sustainable porcelain dinnerware comes with a variety of aesthetically pleasing options, including:

  • High fly coffee set
  • Quirky Gochi plates
  • Jomon, seashell collection
  • The Yayoi dinnerware and more


Bamboo Trays and Cutlery


Our bamboo utensils are resistant to water, heat, food stains, and food odor. Once you rinse them, you completely get rid of any leftover food and its odor. Moreover, since they’re also heat resistant, you can conveniently use them in the microwave without any risk.


One of the most common reasons why bamboo utensils are becoming so popular recently is because they’re durable, last for years, and are completely reusable.


On the other hand, producing plastic trays lead to the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases that harm the atmosphere. And once you dispose of plastic, it can take up to a thousand years to degrade, compared to bamboo, which is completely biodegradable.

Other Products

Our other products include silicone food lids that completely replace the disposable saran wrap. Silicone food lids can protect your food from heat and cold and help them stay fresh longer. Now you don’t need to wrap your leftover foods and fruits with cling film.


We also offer reusable placemats that add a fine touch to your dining experience. From modern, minimalist looks to florals, we’ve got a design for everyone.


If you want to play your role in making this planet greener and safer for future generations, buying reusable products is one of the few ways to do so. Try out TP Green’s reusable collection today!

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