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TP Green is passionate about promoting ethical practices and sustainable living. We take immense pleasure in offering eco-friendly products that are produced with 100% natural materials.


With our new and innovative products, we offer our customers an opportunity to replace their household products with eco-friendly alternatives that not only add value to their lives but also help them keep the waste off the shores.


As a client-driven business, we believe that we’re responsible and, more importantly, capable of bringing a positive change with our sustainable products. This belief is our primary driving force in creating and selecting the best products that complement your green lifestyle. We understand that we share this journey with our customers; that’s why we’re always open to suggestions and feedback from you.

Disposable dinnerware


We offer a range of disposable products that can completely replace traditional plastic. When it comes to dine-in tableware, our plant-based utensils come at the top of our list. These disposable dine-in options are a lifesaver if you regularly throw parties. Once the event is done, you can simply dispose of the plant-based dinnerware in your compost bin.


Our disposable dinnerware includes:

  • Palm leaf tableware
  • Sugarcane plates and utensils
  • Compostable cutlery


Since all our disposable products are made from 100% organic materials, they can quickly break down within months. Unlike plastic products which are a leading cause of water and land pollution, biodegradable alternatives don’t harm the environment.

Reusable dinnerware


Besides biodegradable disposables, we also offer several reusable dinnerware options. Our reusable tableware includes porcelain dinner sets, bamboo dinnerware, plant-based cutlery, and much more.


Sustainable porcelain comes with a variety of aesthetically pleasing options:

  • High fly coffee set
  • Quirky Gochi plates
  • Jomon, seashell collection
  • The Yayoi dinnerware and more

Shop at TP Green in Dubai

If you live in Dubai and want to add a touch of elegance to your dinner sets, TP Green’s sustainable dinnerware options might be your best bet. Besides being one of the most eco-friendly products out there, our reusable porcelain and bamboo dinnerware are made with a minimalist and modern look.


We also offer an extensive range of other environmentally friendly products, including reusable bags, plant-based food packaging, silicone food containers, home food composting machines, etc.


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