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At TP Green, we help our clients make sustainable lifestyle choices. We aim to create a community that’s driven by shared goals of creating a better environment for our future generations. Although it’s crucial to curb pollution at the macro level, individuals can also make a great difference by switching to more environmentally friendly household products. If you think your personal choice doesn’t make a difference, you’re wrong. Our gradual shift in lifestyle forces organizations to rethink their unethical practices and move toward eco-friendly alternatives.

What do we offer?

TP Green believes that we can make a big difference by encouraging reusability and recycling. That’s why we offer several sustainable options that can turn your life around. Our eco-friendly products include:


  • Reusable porcelain dinnerware
  • Reusable bamboo tableware
  • Disposable and compostable, plant-based tableware and cutlery
  • Home food composting machines
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Reusable bags
  • Silicone food containers, and much more.

Plant-based eco-friendly dinnerware

Unlike plastic, which is not always too durable, our plant-based cutlery and dinnerware products are stronger and more durable. Our plates and cutlery are made from 100% natural materials.


Moreover, our eco-friendly dinnerware is resistant to steam, odor, and heat and contains anti-bacterial properties. Unlike Styrofoam and plastic utensils, you can easily use our eco-friendly utensils in the microwave without worrying about the emission of toxic particles into your food.

Our eco-friendly food packaging

Our sustainable packaging options are available for take-out restaurants. These food containers are a perfect solution to plastic. They’re completely compostable and don’t lead to water pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases.


Moreover, disposing of eco-friendly food containers is simple enough. You can simply throw them into your compost bin and make free, natural fertilizer for your home garden. In addition, our kraft boxes, paper bags, and sugarcane containers are completely safe for packaging any kind of food.

Shop at TP Green in Al Ain

If you live in Al Ain and want to switch to sustainable and eco-friendly products, TP Green is here to help you. Our completely compostable and biodegradable range of products is gaining popularity across Al Ain. As more and more people move toward a sustainable lifestyle, we’re happy to meet their needs with our quality products.


Our online store also offers an extensive range of other environmentally friendly products, including reusable bags, health and wellness products, silicone food containers, home food composting machines, etc.


Contact us today to learn more about our products.


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