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Making eco-friendly choices may seem like a challenging task for some. However, with gradual adaptation to sustainable practices, we can make a huge difference to the environment. Ajman’s Air Quality Index indicates poor air quality. If you want to help improve the climatic conditions of the city, you can start by switching to our sustainable product line.


TP Green is committed to making a positive difference. We encourage reusing, composting, and recycling products.

We offer home food composting machines

Composting your food is an easy way to make natural fertilizers and reduce the burden on landfills. If you’ve got a garden, you can easily compost your waste instead of throwing it in your bin. This helps us reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and water bodies and helps us reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Since composting is a natural process of breaking down waste into fertilizers, it doesn’t produce methane and other harmful gases.


TP Green offers home food composting machines for better waste management. Our food composting machines run 24-hours and have a capacity of up to 8lbs. You can simply throw the food waste in the machine without worrying about emptying it every day. The machine generates the soil nutrition and converts the waste into natural fertilizers.

TP Green’s eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic

Plastic is another common form of household waste. Everything in your kitchen is made of disposable plastic, from food packaging to food containers. The worst thing is that most of the plastic we use is non-reusable; this adds to the problem of land and water pollution.


Tons of plastic are just single-use, and most of it ends up in the oceans. One simple way to avoid plastic waste is to reuse and recycle plastic products as much as possible. If we can’t reuse plastic, we must think of ways to replace it with a more sustainable alternative.


TP Green offers a range of great alternatives to plastic; we offer eco-friendly food packaging, silicone food lids, biodegradable food containers, and compostable dine-in tableware. Our non-plastic products are made from 100% natural materials, including bamboo, sugarcane, and palm leaves.

Buy eco-friendly products at TP Green in Ajman

Transitioning to eco-friendly options can be tricky. If you’re looking for high-quality bamboo and porcelain dinnerware in Ajman, TP Green has got you covered. Our online store offers an extensive range of other environmentally friendly products including, porcelain dinnerware, reusable bags, health and wellness products, silicone food containers, home food composting machines, and much more.


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