3 reasons to use reusable porcelain dinnerware

  • They’re heat-resistant.
  • They’re quite durable.
  • They’re easy to clean.

Featured Products

Naoto Plate Porcelain

Comfortable casual meals.

Fly Coffee & Tea Porcelain

Express beauty and design innovation.

The Pot Porcelain 

Beautiful pot accompanied with a curved cover.



Perfection, inspired by imperfection.  Mix and match according to your preference.

The Tablet

Ana Roquero’s personal homage to Steve Jobs; inspired by a landscape of dunes.

Shell Line

Exquisitely designed to accommodate the most essential dishes from the finest cuisines.


Beauty & functionality, with a variety of different colors.  For casual and rustic meals.


Award winning Jomon collection, inspired by sea shells and designed by Ana Roquero.


Creative and playful, this collection suggests alternative realities and dream universes.

Fly Coffee

Cookplay’s airy & light porcelain vessels that express beauty and design innovation.

Elegant Disposable Tableware

EKO Yayoi Flat

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EKO Yayoi Side

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Need to buy wholesale porcelain in GCC?

    Dining Done Right with Sustainable Porcelain Dinnerware

    When you shop porcelain tableware that has our seal of approval, you buy into an entire sustainability narrative. All the porcelain dinnerware at our store is ethically-made and sourced, and they have the visuals to rival your finest china. What more do you need?

    Our sustainable porcelain dinnerware includes:

    The perfectly imperfect Yayoi
    ‘The Tablet’ inspired by Steve Jobs
    The diverse Shell Line
    The laidback Naoto
    The seashell in every Jomon
    The quirky Gochi
    The high Fly Coffee

    Keep your meals healthy, the cleanup easy, and the dinnerware pretty, versatile, and everlasting. Shop sustainable tableware you can use occasionally or regularly, over and over again.