Place mats


Romantic and luscious family of nudes, pinks and purples.


Grays and nudes, with the occasional pop of color!


Playful blues and greens with a diversity of patterns.


Daring collection of coral and blue combinations.

Log Cabin

Warm, rustic and inviting autumn colors.

Ski Lodge

Cool, elegant and calming whites and blues.


Colorful nomadic patterns of different colors 

Beach House

A collection of nudes and baby blues.


Contrasting patterns/colors – blue, orange and green!


Navy and red – classic yet royal and bold!

Chic Artisanal Fabric Placemats

The Bare Thread collection of table mats are designed to help you visually transform your dining table in an easy and cost effective way, while preserving your table top!  The placemats are hand stitched, and utilize only the most elevated of fabrics that are both durable and visually appealing!  Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, and mix and match with no commitments!  The full collection is curated into different families that reflect a certain mood and theme, depending on your hosting requirements.  From casual table settings fit for outdoor rustic events, to uplifted and elegant combinations fit for formal occasions, these artisanal placemats are the perfect table accessory.