Aromatherapy Candles

Natural soy wax candles with a therapeutic effect.

Aromatic Candles

Paraffin and toxin free natural soy wax candles.


Thoughtful, ethically made and sourced home essentials.


Aromatic Mamoul

A fusion of history and tradition through scent.

Essential Oils

A variety of reliable and natural ingredients.

Room Sprays

Sprays mixed with toxin free natural oils and fragrances.

say no to toxic products that harm you and your kids!

Never has it been more important for us to be conscious of the products we buy and utilize.  Toxins are extremely harmful for our body and put a lot of unwelcome pressure on our immunity system.  The drive for fast volume productions at a cheap price drove the focus of the industry away from quality and integrity.  That is why we always try to source locally, what we may.  Products made from natural and premium ingredients, from entities that are governing the production process, and are more committed to providing a refined, elevated offering.  Let’s go back to the basics!  

Here you will find a selection of lifestyle swaps that you can utilize daily, such as soy-wax candles and essential oil based air fresheners, that will not harm you or the environment!

And of course, we can not forget about our little ones! They will love our organic, all-natural, plant-based Tein playdough collection in a variety of colors – no chemicals here!  They are even packaged in compostable non-plastic containers!