Is My Disposable Plate Compostable?

With trash filling up our landfills, it’s imperative to develop more sustainable options if you want to save the planet. Fortunately, composting is one such alternative that can help reduce waste naturally without releasing any greenhouse gases into the environment. Composting allows the organic matter to naturally break down and turn into a natural fertilizer.


a couple of disposable food containers


However, if you’ve never composted before, you might be confused about the process. Many people find it challenging to figure out which materials are compostable. If you’re wondering whether your disposable plates and utensils are compostable or not, read on to find out:

Paper cups, utensils, and plates

Generally, most paper utensils are compostable. However, if the paper tableware consists of some kind of chemical or poly coating to help it protect from the food moisture and heat, you cannot compost or, in some cases, recycle it.

Moreover, any disposable utensils that have printed ink are also not compostable. To find out whether your plates are compostable, refer to the packaging and manufacturer’s guidance.


a disposable plate


Disposable plastic cups, utensils, and plates

Many plastics are biodegradable. However, not every biodegradable plastic is necessarily compostable.

Unfortunately, most of the disposable plastic tableware you’ll buy won’t be compostable, and you’ll need to recycle it. However, there are now many plant-based plastic utensils that are easily available. Since they’re produced with plant pulp, they’re organic, toxic-free, and completely compostable.

The plant-based alternatives aren’t only better for the environment, but they’re also great for your health. For instance, they don’t release any toxins when you heat them. On the other hand, heating a plastic plate might release carcinogenic toxins that could be really harmful.

Bamboo utensils, cutlery, and plates

Usually, bamboo utensils and plates are entirely biodegradable and compostable. Since they’re made from bamboo, it’s safe to throw the disposable bamboo utensils in a compost bin.

However, sometimes a bamboo plate could be finished with a chemical process, so you’ll need to be careful. For this reason, it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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