Human Habits That are Destroying Life Forms on Earth

No one wants to live in a lifeless world devoid of butterflies, seals, and blue whales. And while some people still like to debate the reality of climate change, it’s clear that our actions can cause lasting and devastating effects on the Earth’s natural habitats. But we don’t need to wait for scientists and politicians to devise a plan; we need to start making changes at the individual level!


plastic waste in the ocean


The following habits are very likely destroying life forms on Earth, but they’re also easy enough for each person to change.

Buying Disposable Items

We buy cheap, single-use items so often that we’ve designated a special word for stuff we buy just to throw away: “disposable”! These come in the form of paper plates, plastic utensils, and packaging.


plastic cutlery and straws


While convenient for us, these items are taking devastating tolls on the planet by littering our streets and bodies of water. The big corporations who make these products will continue to innovate them until no one cares about the environment anymore. So, let’s all make it a point not to purchase disposable things that don’t last long and can’t easily be recycled or reused!

Driving Cars and Other Private Vehicles

We unnecessarily use personal modes of transportation like cars and motorbikes, resulting in a higher carbon footprint. If we want to keep the environment clean, we should all be carpooling, cycling, or walking. Sharing transportation helps us share the burden and reduce fuel consumption.


On the other hand, cycling and walking are not only better for the environment but also have many physical and mental health benefits. Cycling to work can also keep you fit and reduce your stress level.

Using Plastic Bags, Bottles, and Straws

Plastic products are very commonly used, but they’re also terrible for the environment. Plastic virtually doesn’t decompose, which means it can also easily get caught in trees, shrubs and can destroy marine life.


Sea creatures like turtles and some fishes take plastic for their food and end up choking on plastic straws and bottles! If we all cut back on our plastic usage, we could reduce the mass production of plastic products and help save the animals and the environment.

Chemical Waste in Waters

Chemical waste from different industries results in many polluted rivers and seas. This toxic water can be ingested by fish, poisoning animals that eat the fish. Some of these fish-killing chemicals eventually end up in our bodies when we consume seafood.


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