How To Start Using Sustainable Takeout Container Options for Your Individual Business Needs

a plant-based food container

The demand for take-out food has increased since the pandemic hit us in 2019. As people found themselves trapped in their homes for months, they couldn’t go out and dine in at their favorite restaurants. As a result, the only option they were left with was taking-out food.

However, this rapid surge in demand for food delivery and take-outs led to increased plastic pollution. As companies were tempted to meed an ever-increasing demand for food orders, many businesses chose the cheap, non-recyclable options when it came to food containers.

It’s about time we set things right. Let’s learn about sustainable take-out food packaging.

Sustainable take-out food packaging

If you want to make a positive difference, you need to start making the right choices today. To avoid the plastic pollution caused by an increasing number of disposable food containers, we need to think about compostable and recyclable options. Since many people are not careful about recycling, businesses must choose biodegradable materials for food packaging.


a plant-based food container


Why is it better for your business?

Many companies and restaurants are now considering switching to eco-friendly alternatives. Not only does it help the environment, but it will also help your business build a positive reputation among your customers.

If you’re serious about expanding your business in the future, start weighing the sustainable options right now. As people become more aware and concerned about the environment, you need to adapt your business and marketing strategies accordingly.

In addition to responding to your customers’ values, you need to manage the amount of waste. If your food business isn’t yet legally required to minimize the amount of waste it produces, you should prepare for it because national authorities are trying to curb waste by putting on fines on excess waste. By opting for sustainable options, you can avoid fines and legal problems in the future.

Sustainable food packaging can be divided into three categories: reusable, compostable, and recyclable. Each type of packaging offers something different. Depending on your business needs, you’ll have to choose what’s most appropriate.


an eco-friendly food container


Reusable beverage take-out containers

Mostly used in coffee shops and other beverage stores, this is one of the most sustainable options. Since it requires the customers to bring their own containers like flasks or coffee tumblers, there’s no waste.

To encourage such practices, many food chains now offer reusable items on sale and other discounts when you bring a container with you. While it can be a bit of a hassle for the customers to keep their flasks clean, it’s, without a doubt, the best sustainable alternative to disposable plastic containers.

Compostable food take-out containers

A product that’s labeled as “compostable” doesn’t mean you can throw it on the street. It still needs to be disposed of away properly. Compostable items are biodegradable and are designed to break down in composting facilities in a suitable environment.

However, if you’re someone who composts food waste at home, you can also compost these items at home. While investing in compostable food containers is great, you’ll have to rely on your customers to dispose of the containers properly.

As a food business owner, you need to choose the right type of compostable containers depending on the type of food. For example, compostable paper bags are good for food without any moisture. Paper packaging for oily and greasy food can damage your container and ruin the taste of the food.


a compostable food packaging


Recyclable food take-out containers

Recyclable containers must be clearly marked as recyclable, and your customers need to be informed on how to dispose of them. If you throw the recyclable containers in the trash, they may pollute the water body and damage the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Most of the paper and cardboard food containers are recyclable. Moreover, most plastic food containers are also recyclable, given that you rinse off the food before sending them to recycling centers.

It doesn’t matter the type of take-out container you choose as long as it works for you, and the customers are informed and willing to act responsibly when disposing of the trash. Investing in the right kind of food packaging can profit you in the long run as you transition to a sustainable business model.

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About the Author: Sally T. is a renowned blogger and food critic. She’s also known for her support for green and eco-friendly products. For the last few years, she has encouraged many food chains to adopt sustainable practices.


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