How to Standout with Reusable Bamboo Trays This Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of love, prayers, and festivities. Muslims all around the world observe many rituals in this special month. People strengthen their relationship with God through fasting, helping the poor, and other selfless actions.


a glass of water and a coffee cup on a bamboo tray

While some people spend thousands on charity, others hold free dinners open to everyone. However, many people neglect the negative impact of hosting massive social meals on the environment. We often witness a lot of plastic trash and disposable cutlery and utensils at the end of each day.


With little care and attention, we can try to minimize pollution by investing in reusable, environmentally friendly alternatives.


a glass of water and a coffee cup on a bamboo tray



One of the ways you can contribute toward a healthier and greener environment is by using bamboo trays instead of disposable plastic ones. Here’s why you should opt for them:

Bamboo trays are affordable

Bamboo trays aren’t expensive. You can easily get them for an affordable price. That’s why they’re a great option for people on a tight budget. In addition, they’re now easily in your local and online stores.

They’re easy to clean

Unlike plastic trays, bamboo trays are quite easy to clean. All you need to do is run them under hot tap water, and you can quickly get rid of all the food. However, putting them in a dishwasher is not recommended since it can harm the bamboo material and its finish.

They’re stain, odor, and heat resistant

Bamboo is resistant to water, heat, food stains, and odor. It means that once you rinse them, you completely get rid of any leftover food and its smell. Moreover, since it’s also heat resistant, you can conveniently use them in the microwave without any risk.


a white ceramic mug with croissants on a bamboo tray



As far as you take good care of your bamboo utensils and keep them clean, their look stays fresh for years.

They’re minimalist and aesthetically pleasing

It goes without saying that bamboo trays are pleasing to the eye. They add a minimalist touch to your dinnerware and natural color to your dining table. As opposed to the off-putting feeling of plastic trays that can tarnish your dinner table, bamboo trays are aesthetically appealing and provide you with a rich texture and an expensive look.

They’re environmentally friendly

One of the most common reasons why bamboo utensils are recently becoming so popular is because they’re good for the environment. They’re durable, last for years, and are completely reusable.


On the other hand, producing plastic trays lead to the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases that harm the atmosphere. And once you dispose of plastic, it can take up to a thousand years to degrade, compared to bamboo, which is completely biodegradable.


Bamboo is a type of grass that we can produce without cutting a tree, and it’s also very easy and quick to grow in large quantities.


They’re very durable and long-lasting

Bamboo is very light. However, it’s not fragile or brittle. They’re widely used to make all types of utensils since they’re easy to carry, heat-resistant, and pretty durable. A good bamboo tray can easily last for five years without losing its touch or chipping.


a tea and a coffee cup on a bamboo tray


Bamboo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

Bamboo trays and other utensils are completely made from the plant. This provides them with unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial natural properties. This ensures that even if you leave leftover food in bamboo utensils or you don’t clean them up properly, there’s a very little chance that it’ll grow mold or fungi poising your food and kitchen.

They’re versatile

Bamboo trays can be used for several purposes. Due to their simple style and sleek look, you can use bamboo trays on any occasion, big or small. You can serve tea, juices, or any other beverage, or even use them as platters.


Following are some of the most common ways people use bamboo trays:

  • To serve tea, coffee, water, etc.
  • To enhance their presentation of food, e.g., presenting the main course with ice cream
  • To serve dried fruits and much more.


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When it comes to buying bamboo utensils, your choice of manufacturer can make a big difference. If you’re not careful and buy the first tray you like, your money may go down the drain. The reason is simple: not all manufacturers use 100% bamboo to make these utensils.


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