How to Choose Non-toxic Candles

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Did you know that your sense of smell is closely linked to your memory and emotions? Moreover, your sense of smell is also linked to your mood.

That’s the reason why some scents immediately remind you of home. It’s also the reason why scented candles are so popular.

Everyone wants their home to smell good, especially now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before.

However, with the pleasing effects of candles come unseen hazards. These hazards can massively affect your health by leaving invisible pollutants in your home, affecting indoor air quality.

Many candles use very questionable ingredients like paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. So, how can you find non-toxic candles that are safe?

Read this article to find out.

Inspect Fragrances

The word fragrance on the ingredient list doesn’t always mean simple scents. Candles and skincare products add the word ‘fragrance’ as an umbrella term for thousands of chemicals used to formulate complex aromas. Moreover, these ingredients are not disclosed and aren’t proven safe.

In fact, these chemicals are made from synthetic petrochemicals found in crude oil, and carry carcinogens.

That’s why when you shop for candles, keep an eye out for aromatherapy candles that feature natural essential oils. You can also just go for natural and organic fragrances. Keep in mind that essential oils and natural plant extracts are great natural scents. Other great options are candles that use dried flowers and herbs.

Avoid Paraffin Wax Candles

Most candles found in the market are made from paraffin wax. These are also the most affordable candles you’ll find in the market and that’s why they’re so popular. But there’s a catch! Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and is actually a sludge-like waste product of the petroleum industry.


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When you light paraffin candles, you release benzene and toluene into the air. Both of these are known carcinogens. Moreover, these candles also release burned carbon particles in the air as a form of soot. Burned carbon particles are bad for our respiratory system and are an irritant.

So, what can you buy if paraffin wax candles are bad for you?  Plant-based waxes, like soy and coconut wax are a more natural and sustainable option.

Buy Soy Wax Candles Instead

Soy candles are arguably the healthiest choice in candles. They are vegetable wax based candles formulated with ingredients like hydrogenated soy, palm, and coconut oil. That’s why soy candles burn more clearly. Moreover, you won’t even get a lot of soot.

Soy candles also burn slowly unlike paraffin-based candles, which is why they last longer. It’s also easy to clean up because of its relatively cool burning process. Moreover, soy is also affordable and abundant in quantity. So, you won’t be harming the environment in any way!

Wick Material

One of the most crucial things to consider when buying candles is the material of its wick. Candle wicks are mostly made with cotton and sometimes metal. Metal is most popular because it keeps the wick straight when the wax starts to melt. When it comes to non-toxic home accessories and aromatherapy, metal wicks are a no-go. That’s because they release lead into the surrounding air. And if adding lead is not safe in paints, then imagine how bad it would be to burn it and breathe it in!


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Lead was a common material found in candles up until 1974. It was then that the U.S. candle manufacturing industry voluntarily agreed to discontinue the use of lead. However, some candle wicks still contain lead.

That’s why it’s always the better option to go for natural materials. You can find natural wicks like cotton, wood, and other materials. They burn easily and are sustainable choices. However, cotton wicks are the best option.

Buy Non-Toxic Candles from TP Green

Do you know that you can play an important role in saving our planet simply by using sustainable and eco-friendly products?

That’s why you should invest in top-quality candles from TP Green. They have a wide range of candles that are both environmentally friendly and good for your health. You can get paraffin-free aromatherapy candles made from natural soy. They also have natural aromatherapy ingredients that are sustainable and healthy for you.


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They also provide a variety of non-plastic disposable products, like dine-in tableware, eco-friendly packaging, and gloves for sanitary use. They use compostable materials for their disposables to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Moreover, their online store also provides nature-friendly reusable products, such as porcelain tableware, crafted bags, bamboo cutlery, and silicone-based food lids. You can also get a food waste composting machine from the store to reduce the load on landfills.

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