How Can We Reduce Water Pollution

Every day, 2 million tonnes of agricultural, industrial, and sewage discharges into the water bodies across the world. This is equal to the weight of around 6.8 billion people.

This can lead to various infectious aquatic illnesses, which are the leading cause of death among young children worldwide. Every year, poisoned water kills more people than war and other types of violence combined.

Therefore, it’s important to keep the water bodies clean. Here’s how you can keep your water supply clean and free from pollution.


garbage on a water body


Dispose Of Toxic Chemicals Properly

Cleaners, pesticides, and other household solvents may appear harmless, but the ammonia, paint thinner, bleach, and several other chemicals present in them are highly toxic to the environment.

Therefore it’s important to dispose of them properly and not just flush them in your household drains. Look for a recycling facility that recycles used motor oil, old paints, and other such chemicals and drop off your toxic liquids there.

You can also drop off those hazardous old chemicals at a nearby waste collection center for safe disposal.

Do Not Pour Grease And Fat Down The Drain

Avoid pouring used cooking oil, fat, and grease down the drain as it may clog your sewer lines and contaminate the environment. Instead, you should throw them in the trash or retain them in a container and dispose of them off with other solid waste.

Use Phosphate-Free Dish Cleaner and Detergent

Phosphates in your cleaners can harm the environment. They cause algal blooms and reduce oxygen levels in the water, killing fish and other aquatic species. Therefore use products that are phosphate-free to protect the aquatic life.


garbage in the river


Dispose Of Medical Waste Properly

Avoid flushing medical waste and medicines down the toilet. You must not even dump them in a nearby creek or pond. The medications build up in the water, fish, and other creatures underwater.

So when you consume seafood, it can lead to various health issues and hormonal changes in your body. Even the livestock and birds that survive on these water sources will be affected.

Plant More Trees

Trees help reduce erosion, which is what sweeps pollution into the river. Try participating in your local tree-planting campaign as a volunteer. Plant many grass, bushes, and trees along the bank of a pond or river to sustain the environment.


a woman holding soil with a small plant


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