Four of the Most Toxic Products That Are Killing Life on Earth

Dead fish caught up in a plastic glove at the seashore

Toxic products are increasingly leading to contaminated soil, air, and water that’s poisonous and harmful for living beings on earth. Sewage, chemicals, toxic heavy metals, and industrial waste from factories, power plants, and mining lead to rapid changes in the climate.

Studies have revealed that toxic pollution is among the most prevalent causes of death worldwide. It’s killing life on earth at a rapid pace, and yet, it’s one of the most under-funded and under-reported global concerns. Moreover, it has led to irreversible neurological and developmental disabilities, congenital disabilities, and immune system damage. Communities worldwide are being affected through impaired economic growth and degradation of natural and human resources.

Countless products are harming life on earth, some through deforestation, while others using manufacturing processes that pollute ecosystems. While it’s important to take the pledge of saying #NoToPlastic and opting for eco-friendly products, it’s also crucial to recognize and reduce the use of toxic products that embody destructive practices throughout the world of international commerce. Here are a few everyday products that are toxic for life on earth, followed by suggestions to streamline sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable options from reliable brands.


Plastic skincare products


#1 – Sunscreen

Not all, but many sunscreens comprising Oxybenzone or BP-13 are highly toxic for marine life, especially juvenile corals. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology reveals that the chemical causes deformities and other damages to the DNA of baby corals. It also sped up the coral bleaching process, devastating reefs worldwide. The substance is found in thousands of skincare products without considering the unintended environmental consequences. Try to use sustainable sunscreens that are just as effective in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays but don’t harm the ecosystem.

#2 – Shampoo

Palm oil, known for its versatility and efficiency, has led to widespread deforestation. WWF’s conversation group rolled out a report in 2018 to warn the world about the harm being caused by the conversion of peatlands and tropical forests to palm oil plantations. They were fueling climate change, releasing significant amounts of CO2, and destroying the habitat of several species, especially orangutans. Many people are aware of palm oil’s use in edible products like bread, ice cream, margarine, biscuits, and ice cream, but only a few know of its role in several household products. Palm oil is used to add conditioning properties to shampoos. It helps maintain the hair’s natural oils that would otherwise be stripped by chemicals in the product. Washing detergents, lipsticks, toothpaste, and hand soap companies also use palm oil extensively.




#3 – Plastic Disposables

Billions of plastic products are used and discarded yearly. From plastic straws to cups, bags, cutlery, packaging material, and more, the vast majority of discarded plastic items end up in waterways or landfills. Countless cases have been reported where turtles, fishes, and birds have been starved to death due to entangling or as their guts fill with indigestible materials. Please consider using eco-friendly alternatives.

Not only are the eco-conscious products available at the store beneficial for the wildlife, but they are also good for human health. Microplastics are now concealed in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we consume. An estimate claims that an average person ingests about a credit card worth of plastic weekly. The harmful chemicals in plastic disrupt our bodily functions, making us prone to increased health risks. Hazardous chemicals in single-use plastic food containers and packaging have direct contact with the food we consume, leading to the ingestion of chemicals into our bodies.

You can buy non-toxic tableware and non-plastic disposable products like eco-friendly grocery bags, disposable bin liners, sustainable porcelain dinnerware, palm leaf plates, and reusable bamboo cutlery from reliable biodegradable stores like TP Green. All the products are BPA-free, which means you can steer clear of harmful health impacts, such as reproductive problems, hormone disruption, behavior and brain development, and more, caused by exposure to BPA. For leftover food waste, we recommend home food waste composters. We’ve got a range of home food composting machines to offer customers the choice of selecting the ones that best suit their needs.

#4 – Air Fresheners

The alarming levels of air pollution have been well-publicized in several regions worldwide. Many aren’t aware that the air fresheners we use are adding to the problem. A report published by the Royal College of Physicians warned the world that it’s not just outdoor air pollution that we should be worried about. People need to be wary of the indoor air quality in our offices and homes as well, especially the ones caused by everyday household products like candles, cleaning products, or air fresheners.

Many air fresheners contain limonene, a chemical commonly used to add citrus smell in products, including foods. While the chemical isn’t hazardous to health on its own, it becomes toxic when released into the air. During an experiment conducted by the popular BBC show Trust me, I’m a Doctor, it was found that when limonene comes into contact with the ozone present in the air, it produces formaldehyde. Regular exposure to formaldehyde could increase incidences of many illnesses, including allergies and asthma. Another study found links between formaldehyde and rising cancer rates in the 1980s. Authorities took action and listed the chemical as a known human carcinogen in 2011. Just like non-plastic disposable products, you can also find a range of the best non-toxic room sprays, the best essential oil burners, candle care kits, fragrances, and many other innovative, chic, sustainable, compostable, and eco-conscious products online at TP Green.


Non-toxic room spray


Individuals and communities play a crucial role in fighting toxic pollution. The first step is to learn about the phenomenon and raise awareness about it to encourage others to join the journey towards making this world and its environment pollution-free and sustainable for generations to come.

Many of the products we use daily are hard to go without, even when we know they’re toxic for life on earth. However, the emergence of responsible companies, like TP Green, offering eco-friendly recycled products, biodegradable and compostable alternatives, and non-plastic disposable products has made it much more convenient to choose better—for yourself, your family, and the planet that’s home to countless living species.

Make sustainable choices today for a better tomorrow. Shop from the biodegradable product store or connect with us for any queries.

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