At TP Green, we specialize in manufacturing environmentally friendly products. We take pride in creating and choosing the most sustainable products to help you make better life choices for a better future.

Start Making Conscious Choices Today

Most household products include ingredients that aren’t safe for the environment. The chemicals present in everyday household items such as cleaners damage our dishes and house, eventually damaging the environment and affecting the ecosystem.

Moreover, toys for your children also often contain harmful ingredients like cheap plastic, chemicals, and toxins. Using alternative eco-friendly products that are made from sustainably raised and grown ingredients is better for the environment as they don’t affect the ecosystem, nor are they harmful to your children. That’s why TP Green offers eco-kids toys that are made with 100% natural ingredients.

TP Green’s Eco-Kid Products

We believe that children are future leaders. Hence, i’s necessary for us to teach them the importance and meaning of sustainable living at an early age. When we allow them to explore the world with toys that are ethically made, we help them grow up with the right values.

For this reason, TP Green offers a variety of eco-friendly products for kids. First and foremost, they’re ethically produced from 100% organic raw materials. And secondly, they’re toxin-free, which means your kids can play with our toys without any worries.

We offer three different sets of play dough that are completely organic. Our play doughs come in a large variety of colors and natural scents. The natural scents are totally safe for your children and help them develop their senses at an early age.

Benefits of Playing with Organic Dough

Here are some of the benefits of playing with organic dough:

  • It helps your children develop the necessary motor skills. When your kid plays with molding dough, they use their creative and motor skills to shape the dough into different figures and sizes. This helps strengthen their motor skills and develop their hand movements. Your kid will learn fine motor movements by rolling, squishing, and flattening the dough.
  • It helps your children stay calm. By squishing and squeezing the play dough, your kids can playfully channel their aggressive behaviors. It helps them release trapped energy and ease their anxieties.
  • It improves their hand-eye coordination. When children try to shape the dough into an animal or some other shape, they require precise hand-eye coordination. This also helps them build focus, increase their attention span, and sharpens their creative skills.

If you want your children to mentally grow while playing with their toys, buy them organic play dough. It’s safe, fun, and completely eco-friendly!

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