Eco-Friendly Shopping: Benefits of Reusable Bags

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Plastic bags are extremely common. In fact, most people have a dedicated spot in their house to store plastic shopping bags. But did you know it takes them over ten to twenty years to break down and degrade? Moreover, plastic is also responsible for killing nearly one million marine animals (mammals, fish, turtles, etc.) every year.

On the other hand, reusable shopping bags aren’t only convenient, but they also offer many benefits. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of those benefits in this blog.

They’re Durable and Reliable

Unlike plastic bags, reusable bags are a lot more durable. That’s because reusable bags are unlikely to tear or break. So, they can carry heavy loads without breaking. This means that you won’t have to double bag your items. They’re also easier to carry, so it also means fewer trips from the car to your house.

They’re Cost-Effective

Most stores charge extra money for plastic bags that’s why reusable bags can save you a lot of money. So, by bringing your own reusable bag, you can curtail a lot of expenses. Even if plastic bags don’t seem to cost a lot, you spend a hefty amount on them every year.

They’re Good for The Environment

The biggest benefit of using reusable bags is that they’re beneficial for the environment. They help curtail plastic waste and reduce your carbon footprint. We use plastic for a few minutes, but it takes them thousands of years to decompose. Moreover, recycling plastic bags is out of the option. It shouldn’t be considered a magical solution but a last resort. Some plastic products can’t be recycled, and they cost more to recycle than they’re worth.

But it’s not just plastic; the materials also play a huge role in the problem. Moreover, it takes a lot of crude oil and natural gas to manufacture plastic bags.

Reusable bags are manufactured from materials like jute or cotton. This makes them biodegradable. You can also use them hundreds of times before you’d exceed their use. So, they also make up for the energy that’s used to manufacture them.

And if that’s not enough, reusable bags can also keep your food like snacks and sandwiches fresh for longer. So, you also won’t have to throw away food.

Peace of Mind

Even when people use plastic, they feel guilty about it. You’ll feel a lot better once you stop collecting unnecessary plastic bags. Moreover, your space will clear out, and you’ll feel better about less clutter.


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