Earth: Our Only Home – 6 Ways to Be More Earth Conscious!

Earth: Our Only Home - 6 Ways to Be More Earth Conscious!

We can all agree on this one fact:  Earth is everyone’s home, and that includes humans, animals, plants, and every other living organism.  As humans, we are considered to be the most evolved mammals, therefore positioning us as the responsible ones for our planet.  With the increase of global warming and the other negative environmental impacts nowadays, we should be more aware of what is truly going on and take initiative to introduce meaningful changes.  Such changes are ones that affect the environment in a positive manner in the long run and require the substitution of old habits with new and improved ones;  many of which can be quite fun and creative!

Below are 6 simple techniques you can implement to help initiate change from your little corner!

1. Recycle plastic bottles

Many of us still purchase plastic bottles; a simple solution would be to recycle them properly instead of throwing them in the trash. Keep in mind, there are many types of plastic bottles, and each bottle should have a sign with a number inside indicating what kind of plastic it is.  Not all factories can recycle any kind of bottles, and not all plastic bottles are recyclable.  There are at least 7 different kinds of plastic, with each of them being used in different kinds of bottles depending on the product being stored in them.  Make sure to find the appropriate facilities in your local area.

2. Reuse glass jars and bottles

Glass can be easily recycled and upcycled. Depending on where you live, research where you can take your glass jars and bottles to get them recycled.  Some jars and bottles can be up-cycled in creative ways and reused around the house of office.  Jars can be used as small pots for plants, adding greenery in any place.  Bottles can be reused to make DIY surfaces cleaners, or even as a means to water your plants!

Earth: Our Only Home - 6 Ways to Be More Earth Conscious!

3. Reusable grocery and shopping bags

Going to the supermarket is a mandatory chore that is done at least once a week. Instead of using plastic bags at the checkout counter, get your own bags with you.  Such bags can be canvas bags or even reusable plastic ones.  That way, you’re decreasing the extra use of plastic and just reusing what you have instead.  You can buy yours here!

4. Use refillable bottles

Using refillable bottles is quite handy. Many people are using such bottles for water and coffee.

Many companies have ventured into creating their own stylish bottles, making it more of a fashion must-have.

Such bottles help preserve their contents’ temperature for a longer time.

5. Choose sustainable brands

There are a number of brands that fall under the sustainable industry. However, some may be pretending to be under the sustainable umbrella when in truth they’re not.  Make sure you do your research properly and study the brands that claim they’re sustainable.  Asking the right questions always helps gather more information about a product you’re interested in.  A number of large companies have also introduced new products that fall under the sustainable industry as part of their efforts to participate in being eco-friendly.  Check out Tein’s non-toxic play dough that is locally made, or those beautiful scented all-natural candles and room sprays offered by Jana Aromas – and do not forget to up-cycle and reuse their containers!

6. Educate and raise awareness!!

Educating people about subjects related to sustainability and ways to help the environment is the key to promoting positive changes. Many people are careless when it comes to the environment.  However, social media plays a role in keeping them aware of issues such as global warming and how it is affecting our planet in an alarming way. An increase in temperatures, hazardous storms, and wildfires are just a few examples of what is happening to our beloved planet.


It is about time that we all unite to do what’s right and start saving our home Earth!  Small little changes, huge compound effect!


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