Dine-In Tableware

Palm Leaf

Dine-in rustic tableware, made from fallen Areca leaves in Kerala, Southern India.

Sugarcane Dine-in

Made from sugarcane – 100% biodegradable and compostable modern tableware.


Variety of sizes, materials and designs – all earth friendly and compostable.

Eco-friendly packaging

Bags & Labels

Choose from windowed, paper or clear options. 100% plant based and compostable.

Sugarcane Gourmet

Eco spill-proof solution for hot or cold food to go.  Variety of lids, shapes & sizes.

Kraft Boxes

Versatile kraft board cartons with a compostable grease-resistant lining.

Hot Cups & Extras

Sustainably-sourced board, lined with plant-based PLA,  with your choice of lids.

Hot & Cold Containers

The world’s first compostable container, for hot or cold use, with your choice of lids.

Cold Cups & Straws

Clear cups made from plants for cold consumables. Select from our array of different lids.

Clear Deli Containers

Eco-friendly strong and light plant-based clear deli containers in a range of sizes.


Home compostable and eco-friendly mailers. Made from plants.

Kitchen Prep and Hygiene


Compostable plant-based food prep gloves, perfect for hygienic food prep.

Bin Liners

Home compostable bin liners, made in Europe from plant-based Mater-Bi.

The Right Way to Order Disposables

Plastic disposables may be easy to produce, use, and discard. However, disposing of them is a whole other ballgame. Our world has churned out half of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic products in the last 15 years alone. The single-use straws we discard with such careless disregard are probably snowballing into something that doesn’t bode well for the oceans or the land.

To counter this threat, we bring our lovely patrons a chance to order disposable items they can take and discard without harming the environment. Take a look at our food prep gloves, cutlery, bin liners and eco-friendly takeaway containers.

Looks just like plastic, doesn’t it? Well, allows us to inform you: it’s anything but. All the items you see here, from the disposable food prep gloves to the disposable cutlery to the disposable bin liners, are compostable and biodegradable.

Order disposables and chuck ‘em in the bin guilt-free!