Dine-in Tableware

Palm Leaf

Dine-in rustic tableware, made from fallen Areca nut palm leaves in Kerala, Southern India.

Sugarcane Dine-in

Made from sugarcane – 100% biodegradable and compostable modern tableware.


Variety of sizes, materials and designs – all earth friendly and compostable.

All Your Rustic and Formal Tableware Right Here

Having meals without tableware is like seeing the world without color. In other words, you’re eating for the sake of eating. You’re not following the age-old Arab tradition of using meals as a pretext for socializing.  Now, that simply won’t do.  Have people over or go over to their place. Attend a formal gathering or throw one of your own. Don’t know how to start a conversation? Break the ice by setting the table. Buy palm leaf plates from South Asia, 100% biodegradable sugarcane crockery, and compostable cutlery in any number of earth-friendly shapes, materials, and sizes.  Do what’s best for the environment by purchasing tableware that’s the best of its kind.