Climate Change and Its Effects: What Can You Do?

Wildfire in forest

Climate change happens due to rising greenhouses gases in the environment that destabilizes the Earth’s temperature posing far-reaching effects on the environment and humans. The Earth’s energy balance is disturbed during global warming, leading to rising sea levels, warm temperatures, long droughts, and more.

Statistics show that the annual greenhouse gas emission during 1940-2020 was 36.4billion metric tons. Not only that, the Earth’s temperature is continuously changing and is recorded to be 0.98 Celsius degrees warmer as compared to the 20th-century average.

According to reports, the continuously changing climate increases the risk of weather-related catastrophes, decrease in the arctic ice, and increase in sea level. It further puts the world’s economic condition at risk, as identified by the 2012 drought in the US that caused a loss of about 20 billion.

Direct Impact of Climate Change

Not all weather events are caused by climate change, but global warming is expected to worsen in the future. Here are a few direct results of climate change on the environment.

  • The glaciers are shrinking.
  • The ocean temperature is rising day by day.
  • The maximum temperature is continuously rising.
  • The sea levels are rising.
  • Heavy precipitation is increasing, such as due to hail and heavy rain.
  • The minimum temperature is rising.

In-Direct Impact of Climate Change


Factory producing smoke affecting the climate


Apart from direct impact, climate change also has an indirect impact on humans and the environment. Here are a few of them.

  • Developing countries are facing an increase in water crises and hunger.
  • Increased heatwaves and rising air temperatures increase health risks too.
  • Increase in the spread of pathogens and pests around.
  • Increased need for adaptation in all industries, including tourism, forestry, agriculture, and more.
  • Economic side-effects on countries as a result of climate catastrophes such as storms, heavy rainfalls, earthquakes, and others.
  • Loss of biodiversity.
  • Increases HCO3 concentrations causing oceans acidification.

6 Ways to Stop Climate Change

Healing the planet takes time, but it’s not impossible. With over 7 billion people worldwide, if all play their role in stopping climate change, the world can become a better place.

Here’s what people can do to control climate change, if not stop it completely.

Use Renewable Energy

The first step is to look for a utility company that generates, if not all, half of its power from wind or solar. The company must be certified by the state’s green energy facility. You can find the information online or by asking your friends or family.

You can also play your part by encouraging other people to opt for renewable energy. It produces a positive impact on the community and raises awareness among individuals.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances don’t require huge amounts of fossil fuels that are responsible for carbon emissions in the environment. Try to replace appliances with energy-efficient appliances that save energy and cut costs on the bill.

Don’t Waste Water

Treating, pumping, and heating water takes a lot of energy and increases carbon pollution. Wasting water increases your carbon footprint, which is why it’s recommended to turn off the tap while brushing, take short showers, or shower from a bucket.

Raise Your Voice

Climate change protest


If you care about something, let the world know about it. Prolong droughts, heavy rainfalls, earthquakes, rising sea levels, and others signify that the world needs to change. Raise your voice so the people in power can hear you and take relevant actions to protect the environment.

Climate change is not only harmful to the environment but puts humans’ lives at risk as well. Utilize all your information and spread your message through effective channels.

Don’t Take Car Everywhere

Walk or use a bicycle instead of taking your car everywhere. You can also opt for carpooling with your friends to work to become environmental-friendly. Cars emit CO2 in the air, which is a greenhouse gas.

Poor air quality is known to increase dementia risk and put unborn babies in danger.Using a cycle or walking is not only beneficial for the environment but also has great mental and physical benefits.

Plant Trees

Greenery is one of the simplest ways to save the planet. CO2 is a major greenhouse gas that is absorbed by trees. The more trees are planted, the more greenhouse gases are absorbed, and climate change is also reduced. Make sure to plant trees in your area and encourage others to plant trees as well.

Fill Your House WithEco-Friendly Recycled Products

The more you invest in eco-friendly products, the better you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint. Opting for ways that reduce the impact of climate change positively impacts humans as well.

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