..And we are live!

Hello World!

We are beyond excited to launch our earth friendly website for all you conscious and aware individuals out there! We genuinely hope you love this platform, as much as we loved putting it together. Here’s a little back story of who we are.

We are proud to say that TP Green is a pandemic baby – one whose seeds might have been planted way before when it comes to the visionary prospect, but also one which was literally launched as the worldwide frenzy commenced. The team had barely spent a week getting to know each other – and then, BOOM. A paradigm shift like no other – earthlings were served a pandemic.

What DO you do when you just signed off on a GCC distributorship of premium earth friendly products and the WHOLE world SHUTS DOWN? Representing some very cool and prominent brands like Vegware and Cookplay, the biggest challenge was working with our franchises abroad to get the products shipped over. Transport was a nightmare, companies were not working at full capacity, countries were closing their borders and new regulations were being implemented (on a daily basis lest we forget).

We adapted, worked at home, worked in the office, worked overseas, worked weird hours, struggled with emotional rollercoasters – each member of the team at their own pace. Ultimately, we came through, more resilient and dynamic. As some might say, if you make it through the pandemic, your future survival outlook is pretty good!

Now more than ever, we feel we have a responsibility towards our home, earth. We understand the implications of taking things for granted. We realize the importance of handling ourselves with care, as well as our community and our environment. For the past decades, we haven’t been so mindful of what we consume, hardly aware of the thought process behind our purchasing habits. But now, with the unbelievable information access we have, we are comprehending how much impact our consumption demands affect the industries. We have witnessed a consumer shift towards whole food ingredients, an introduction to plant based menu items in fast food chains, bans on plastic in several leading countries and a growing awareness of fair trade principles – to name a few. We as consumers, have a prevalent role in what the economy supplies. So let’s start making a change!

We are here to give you an array of eco-friendly swaps that will enable you to take care of your corner, knowing that this butterfly effect will create a bigger collective impact. Shifting to an earth friendly lifestyle should be easy and enjoyable. Every swap counts – a complete dramatic transition is not in order! On this platform, you will find a diversity of products ranging from disposable on-the-go compostable and biodegradable plant based food solutions, to other non-toxic lifestyle reusable items, that are designed and produced thoughtfully for environmental and economic sustainability. Our brands and partners are all geared towards establishing a circular economy, and adhere to our main value: good for you, good for the community, and good for earth.

One step at a time, we can start taking responsibility of our actions, and lead by example. Your convictions, your voice and your efforts, count much more than you know!

Your fellow human, and member of this eco-community,


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