All You Need to Know About Home Composting

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Did you know the food you waste every day can negatively impact the environment? Every household throws out almost 2 kilos of food regularly. You’ll be amazed to know the overall food wastage statistics but let’s talk about a solution.

Amongst the various techniques to reduce food wastage, one has been quite helpful—home composting. If you’ve heard about this process before, you know exactly how helpful this is.  However, if you haven’t, let’s dive deeper into it.

What Is Home Composting and How Does It Work?

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Composting is the process of decomposing organic matter. Bacteria, fungi, and various microscopic organisms are all important players in this process. They help convert useless food waste into a high-quality fertilizer for lawns, gardens, and potting mixtures. Composting food waste can lower your home garbage by 30 to 40 percent.

Composting is generally considered a difficult and unpleasant task, however, all you need to do is gather the necessary materials, put in a little work, and let nature do the rest. The best part about home composting is you won’t find a stronger yet organic substance that works as well as compost. The final compost, also known as humus, stimulates fertility, improves the earth’s structure, and combats pollutants when added to the soil. By adding micro and macronutrients to compost, it can balance soil pH.

Why Should You Compost at Home?

If you’re wondering what makes home composting worth the hype, here’s what you need to know. Home composting helps you develop a mild yet effective fertilizer. The best part about it is that it’s organic and doesn’t burn your plants like other chemical fertilizers. All you need to do is fish out the edible and compostable materials from the trash and prepare them yourself at home without any additional assistance. Just add a little compost to your plants and watch them grow healthily.

As a result, the soil will become more absorbent, draining water more effectively than usual. Through home composting, you can improve your plants’ condition while giving back to the world.

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