A mindful letter by Ana Roquero



2022. Be conscious of a new sensitivity.

I would like to start 2022 with my commitment as an industrial designer with the high responsibility we all have today bringing new products to our planet.

We are living in a time where consumption should be thought of deeply and profoundly as an impact on our environment and we are becoming aware of the unbalanced routine we are living. The search for the true essence of new products has been a step towards my professional maturity and a clear concern when launching new collections and it is today what most concerns me in the design practice.

My design, Cookplay´s design, as you all know, is an innovative design whose formal language tries to represent beauty and my aim is to create a sensory relationship between the user and the product. If I have achieved it, if you have noticed that connection, nothing can make me feel more proud… and it is when I can say that our work is well done.

At Cookplay, now more than ever, we will keep working on new designs that respond to new sensitivities towards sustainability, a must that will take an ultimate place in everyone’s life in the next years.

Thank you for being there, for being a defense of Cookplay´s most essential values, beauty, and sustainability.

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