7 Sustainability Trends That Will Change in 2022

Electricity produced from wind plants

Prolonged droughts, heavy rainfalls, wildfires, earthquakes, rising sea levels, increasing hunger, economic downfalls, and more have forced people to find effective solutions to deal with climate change. Rising concern for climate change can be seen by the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)that consisted of about 40,000 delegates making it the biggest climate summit in all years.

Climate change and global warming influence all public and corporate sectors, which is why it’s important to take a collective effort to reduce its side effects. Businesses are also taking sustainable actions to become eco-friendly and secure the environment.

It’s vital to deal with climate crises before it harms all humans and the environment. Here are the top sustainable business practices and trends that will be witnessed in 2022.

A New Norm of Using Sustainable Products Will Emerge

Although it started a little late, more and more people are now moving towards sustainable products. Gen Z is the number one reason why a lot of people are aware of sustainable products.

There’s more awareness about the loss of biodiversity, climate change, and others in Gen Z. They also have higher purchasing power as more and more Gen Z is entering the workforce.

A plant-based diet and dairy substitutes are expected to gain momentum, and sustainable delivery services might become the next norm. Such initiatives can make brands become Gen Z’s favorite in no time.

Apart from it, those clothing brands that have a positive social and environmental impact will be preferred. Along with it, lifestyle changes such as switching to digitalization, electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, etc., might also become a norm.

A Major Decrease in the Prices of Renewable Energy To Be Witnessed


Fossil fuels are cheaper than renewable energy, but that trend will also change. According to IEA’s Renewable 2020, there’s been an 89% and 70% decrease in solar and wind plant prices in the last 10 years.

The more people switch towards renewable energy, the cheaper it will become with time. More and more countries are moving towards introducing renewable energy and making them accessible to the entire world.

Working from Home Will Become a New Trend

It is quite unconventional but totally worth it –work from home lifestyle is expected to stay longer than COVID-19. Working from home greatly impacts the environment, such as less air pollution, less noise pollution, less waste, and more.

With most people working remotely, the number of cars on the road reduces along with a prominent reduction in energy use. A lot of tech companies such as Shopify and Twitter have committed to shifting their staff to working from home full-time even after the lockdown.

Carbon Off-Setting Will Become Public


Solar panels to produce electricity


Carbon offsetting refers to aiding in projects and activities that remove greenhouse gases from the environment. The projects can be as great as investing in carbon capture technology or as simple as planting trees.

Carbon offsetting is famous in sustainability circles, but it is expected to become public in 2022. People may invest in big and high-quality carbon offsetting projects in the upcoming year.

Climate Positivity Will Steal the Show

Companies that are already net zero-emission and carbon offset pro, then it’s time for them to take it up a notch. The corporate sector is expected to switch to climate-positive actions such as regenerative agriculture, tree planting, carbon capture, and others to control climate change. The aim is to remove carbon dioxide from the air to create a viable environment for all living and non-living creatures.

Companies to Give Report on their Emissions & Energy Use

Various cities and states in the US are already reporting on their emissions and energy use. The whole world will likely follow suit in 2022. For instance, the companies will be expected to share financing options, terms of share prices, and others with the government.

Before reporting on the emission and energy use, the companies will be expected to measure it properly. Businesses can use sustainability management software to organize and gather all the data.

Clean Air All The Way!


A child planting trees in a forest


The skylines became clear and clean during the pandemic, encouraging people to keep it that way. 2022 is expected to see a lot of actions in place to improve the air quality. Clean air is highly important for all living creatures in the world; therefore, it’s time to pay attention to it.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Recycled Products Now

Everyone needs to become eco-friendly to bring a positive change to the environment. The above trends are likely to stay for a long time considering climate change. A lot of brands are taking the initiative to opt for eco-friendly approaches to reduce their carbon footprint.

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