6 Facts about Environmental Pollution You Didn’t Know

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Environmental pollution is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest concerns. It is a major health hazard that nine out of the ten people in the world are suffering from. Too much exposure to contaminated air can cause bacteria and harmful germs to prevail in the human body, leading to life-threatening diseases. Immediate drastic measures are required worldwide, starting with the use of eco friendly recycled products.

Facts about Environmental Pollution

Following are some of the facts about environmental pollution that would make you realize how big of a concern this is for the general health of every person in the world:

Air Pollution Kills

According to World Health Organization, air pollution prematurely kills 4.2 million people every year.

Harmful for Child Growth and Nourishment

Children are the most vulnerable to contaminated air. The negative impact of the polluted air can disrupt the vital organ development of a child and cause long-lasting deficiencies inside their bodies. It may also harm their lung development and cause respiratory issues early on in their lives.

Indoor Air Pollution

One of the things that people aren’t generally aware of is the prevalence of air pollutants inside households. These air pollutants are typically caused by burning fuel and the accumulation of carbon elements in the air. The effects of indoor pollution can be drastic compared to outdoors.

Environmental Pollution is everywhere

Every country in the world suffers from the prevalence of environmental pollution. About 97 percent of cities with a population of over 100,000 people do not meet WHO guidelines for a healthy environment.

The Solution is Low Cost

Out of all the human race’s problems, this is by far the cheapest to get rid of. Multiple projects can be set up on a commercial level to eradicate the emission of hazardous gases. On a personal level, people can start using non plastic disposable products, non toxic room sprays, and various other biodegradable products that cost very little.


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Everyone Has a Part to Play

The issue can be resolved with a collective effort. If you’re looking to contribute to the cause, start by making sustainable life choices. TP Green offers an extensive range of reusable and recyclable eco-friendly products, including home food composting machines, sustainable porcelain dinnerware, non-plastic food packaging, bamboo cutlery, etc.

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